The Big Reveal: NYC’s New Taxi Fleet

The days of the Crown Vic Yellow Cab are coming to end. Last year Nissan won the Taxi of Tomorrow contest, giving it a 10-year contract worth around $1 billion to provide NYC with a new fleet of taxis.  Now, New Yorkers are going to have their first opportunity to see the taxi of the future, today.

At the New York Auto Show the taxi will be on display.  With its distinctive look (which some New Yorkers, including the Mayor, are already calling ‘Suburban’), new yellow color, totally redesigned interior, and glass ceiling, New Yorkers will have an entirely new taxi experience come end of 2013 when the first cars get delivered.

NYC’s taxi fleet has a history of being innovative.  The first taxis began service in 1897 and before the turn-of-the-century the city had 1,000 electric taxis in service.  Imagine all the gas savings had we stayed on that path!

In the years since we’ve seen the Checker Taxi, hybrids, some SUV’s and of course the ubiquitous Crown Victoria.

According to the , NYC taxis take almost as much a beating as cars on the roads of developing nations.  That’s not saying much for the state of our infrastructure.  But give the city credit, by overhauling the fleet, NYC is modernizing a very important mode of transportation.  Now if only the same could be said for our subways and buses.

What do you think of the new taxi design?

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Our World Water Day Event

Please join Rubicon Property on the evening of March 22nd at our new store for a very special evening dedicated to solving the global clean water crisis. While our renovations are not yet done, we’ve decided to open our doors anyway.

World Water Day is too important, plus we’ve come up with ways to make the renovation part of the experience.  Before entering the store our guests will walk with Jerry Cans – the same ones used by women in the developing world to carry water for miles.  The very brief walk ends when our guests “Cross the Rubicon” and enter our store.  Inside we’ve got a cocktail reception waiting.  Since the walls aren’t done, we are asking all those who “Cross the Rubicon” to sign the sheet rock in our store!  For every person who partakes in our clean water catwalk, we’ll be donating $1 to our latest .

Also on display will be the three best photos taken during our “Get Dirty” for clean water campaign.  You can see the current submissions here:

As NYC’s only social entrepreneurial real estate firm, we believe this evening will fuse our passion for real estate (with an event at our store), with our core belief in helping to make the world a better place.

We are asking our guests to RSVP to: .

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The “Get Dirty” Photos Start Rolling In

Our “Get Dirty” for World Water Day campaign has been up and running for 1 week.  We’ve had photos sent to us from Mexico, Italy and here in the US.  Thanks so much to everyone for helping to kick-off this effort.  We’ve got 17 days to go until World Water Day. Plenty of time to take more “Get Dirty” photos. Please continue to spread word about this campaign.  It can only be a success with your help!!!

You can see all the images collected so far on our Pinterest Board.

Download and share our official campaign poster here!

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“Get Dirty” for World Water Day Campaign Poster

Here’s our campaign poster!  Please share, download and circulate it.  “Get Dirty” is off to a great start with submissions coming in from around the world.  Keep submitting your images!

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“Get Dirty” for World Water Day. Here’s How.

Today, Rubicon Property is announcing our “Get Dirty” social media campaign to kick off our involvement in World Water Day.  Since 1993, the UN has established this date as a day of action and information on the global clean water crisis.

Everyday we come into contact with clean water.  When the faucet turns on, it runs.  When needed for purchase, it’s available.  We even use it to clean our streets. No wonder we take it for granted.  But what if, instead of seeing a clean bottle of water on a desk, or clean glass on a dinning room table – what if we saw something else.

What if we saw dirty water?

Our firm believes that would change perceptions on clean water.  We think, if people stopped taking it for granted they would have a greater sense for the global clean water crisis.

So we’ve got a plan, but to pull this off we’re going to need your help.  Here’s the deal.

Step 1: Take a Picture.  We are asking everyone to take a picture of dirty water in a place you would not expect to see it.  Think about locations you typically find clean water (which is everywhere), but now substitute in a dirty glass of water.  The locations for photos are limitless.  Just to spark some ideas: your bathroom, your doctors office, on a plane, in a museum, on a beach, in a park, at a sporting event.  Be creative, as there are thousands of other examples that can work really well.  Feel free to pose in the picture or have friends or pets join you.  For every picture you upload (and properly tag) Rubicon Property will donate $1 to our . We’ll be doing this for the first 5,000 images that are uploaded.

Step 2: Share it on social media. We have created a few tools to make this really easy.  We want a global audience to experience your photograph. We’ll be using multiple platforms for you to upload images, but all images will be posted to our Pinterest “Get Dirty” board.  The most popular pictures will be displayed on World Water Day (March 22nd) at the opening of our new store in NYC, at 451 Columbus Avenue! Here are the social media sharing instructions:

Twitter/Tumblr/Instagram/flickr: Upload the image using the hashtag #RubiconWWD

Facebook: Upload the image to Rubicon Property Facebook page.

For those who want to do it the old fashioned way, you can email your photograph to: .

Step 3: Become part of the conversation.  Check out what your fellow participants have created.  All images will appear on our “Get Dirty” Pinterest Board.

Get Dirty Tips: Since we are fortunate enough live in a part of the world that has an abundance of clean water, you’ve got to dirty the water yourself.  There are several ingredients you can add, including: dirt, coffee, tea, splash of soda, root beer, and sand.

Let’s go Get Dirty!

World Water Day is Coming

The UN has declared March 22nd to be World Water Day.  The theme of the day for this year is food security and water. Since 1993, the UN has been using this day to promote the importance of clean water for both developing and industrial nations.

FAO, the coordinating agency for this years World Water Day, has launched a new 30 second educational promo to help promote awareness on how much water is required to make the food we eat. It is currently available in three languages with more on the way in the near future.

Here’s the english version:

At Rubicon Property, we’ll be doing something very special on March 22nd.  But more on that later.

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Monday Holiday Headlines

The stock market only closes on 9 weekdays during the year.  Today is one of them – Presidents’ Day.

Before we get too far into this post, without using Google, can you name the other 8?  If so, tweet it to us at First response gets a retweet and a follow.

Even though this is considered a slow news day, there are several important stories out there worth mentioning.

The conversion of an East Harlem school into almost 100 affordable housing units for artists secures tax break and construction set to begin in spring, according to this report in the NY Times.

The paper of record also reports on an interesting phenomenon in West Harlem regarding dog poop.  Apparently as the area continues to gentrify, those new to the neighborhood aren’t cleaning up after their dogs.  Yes, as I mentioned earlier, historically this is a slow news day.

The NY Post reports that more than 1,000 property owners claiming nonprofit status are in danger of losing their tax exemptions because they haven’t filed the required paperwork.  The good news here is that NYC could receive over $60 million in tax revenue as a result of the paper work errors.  The bad news is of course none if this is fair and the non-profits should be given ample opportunity to correctly file.

Can you sell a $10M coop listing on Craigslist?  Probably not.  But that didn’t stop one intrepid broker from giving it a shot.  Curbed has the latest on that listing here.

If you haven’t left town for South Beach, Cabo, or Aspen, and are here working (like us), check out these free/cheap Upper West Side happenings, courtesy of our friends at Myupperwest.

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Our First Storefront

As was reported in Crain’s two weeks ago, we are opening our first store at 451 Columbus Avenue, which is between 81st and 82nd street. This is a major milestone for our company and we are very excited to bring our brand to the Upper West Side community.

Everyone keeps asking us the same question: when will you open? In short, its a work in progress. We expect to have a soft-opening in March and then a Grand Opening in late April or early May.

The space itself is going to be unlike any other real estate office. There will be events: exhibits, lectures, art shows, fashion shows, walking tours, and other happenings based out of our store. We are already working with one local public elementary school to curate an event with their students.

And of course, the store will be a welcoming environment for our clients to come talk with us about their real estate needs.

As for the design, well at the moment we are treating that like a State secret. But as we get closer to our launch, I’m sure we’ll release some images of the space. Stay tuned.

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Good Economic News Rolls In

Today, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed near a 4-year high. That’s impressive. But it’s not just Wall Street that’s seeing the uptick. It’s also Main Street.

Last night on “Rock Center” NBC ran a wonderful report on the return of The Graveyard Shift at a GM plant in Flint, Michigan. In early 2009 it looked like GM wouldn’t make it. Now, its a thriving company.

Today, GM reported a 2010 earnings of $7.6 billion, an increase of 62% over 2010. Great for the company, and great for shareholders. But it doesn’t end there. It’s also great for the employees as well. Thanks to a re-negotiated union contract, factory workers will receive a bonus check of $7,000. That’s the largest bonus check going out to workers in the history of the company.

For every job that GM adds, 3 other jobs in the area get created to support that job. That means Flint, Michigan is going back to work.

If nothing else its good news, and we’ll take it.


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Our First Ad Campaign

Today we are delighted to be releasing our first ad campaign. Our marketing team has created two amazing ads called “Why” and “What.” Look for these ads to start running on popular websites shortly.

In the “Why” ad we wanted to convey a powerful recruitment message to those in the real estate community. We hope real estate agents will see this ad and will consider joining our firm as a result:

In the “What” ad we are showcasing some of our extraordinary exclusive listings. In our market research we found the brokerage firms rarely bundle listings together to form a compelling ad. So, that’s exactly what we set out to do with this ad:

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