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This counter tracks the amount of people who have received clean water from our campaigns.
Supporting the work of water.
Together we can help bring clean safe drinking water to developing nations. Join Rubicon in making the world a better place.
There are many ways to measure success. We choose to measure ours by calculating how many lives we have impacted through our philanthropic giving. Today, there are too many problems facing the world that have gone ignored, and too many challenges that must be met. Our company could have done business like every other real estate firm. But instead we chose a different path. We decided to create an entirely new business model that allows us to serve our clients and help make the world a better place - all at the same time. We call this model "Profits & Purpose."

Like other firms, Rubicon engages in business so our clients and our company can profit. But we don't stop there. We also believe in purpose. To us, purpose is just as important as profits. We are the first residential real estate company to fuse these principles together.

Rubicon is the only real estate brokerage firm in the country to incorporate social entrepreneurship into our core values. We believe our clients work with us, not simply because of what we do but because of why we do it.

By teaming with Rubicon you get everything you'd expect from a world-class real estate brokerage firm. And on top of that, you can help to change the world.

Consider This

Every week 42, 000 people, mostly women and children, die from lack of access to clean water.

1 in 8 people on this planet are currently without clean water in their daily lives.

Dirty water kills more people each year from disease than any war kills through guns.

It is easy for us to take clean water for granted. We run faucets all day long without giving thought to the ramifications to come should it suddenly go dry. We even clean our streets with clean water. Our immersion in clean water masks the depth of this growing crisis. The time has come to act and Rubicon Property is committed to opening up a new front in the fight for clean water.

Social Entrepreneurship

Our firm connects the essential element of living in NYC, which is real estate, with the essential element of living in the developing world, which is clean water. The more we earn in commissions, the more "good" we are able to do. When we launched our company in September 2010, before we had agents - before we even had an office, we were donating whatever money we could to water. Even if you aren't looking to buy, sell, or rent, you can still join us in our efforts. Visit our page at water . We encourage donations from everyone.

By donating you automatically become a member of the Rubicon family, even if you are not in the market for a home. If you are in the market, we look forward to working with you. From us, you'll get nothing but the absolute best.

Our goals are ambitious. But they are not impossible. We are ready to do our part in making the world a better place.
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